“InTension” in the Fabrications exhibit, Newport Mills, NH

June 10, 2010

My installation, “InTension” , which I exhibited  two years ago at the Brattleboro Museum, has been remounted in the exhibit “Fabrications” sponsored by Cynthia Reeves Projects. My work is now part of a very large  exhibition  of works by 19 artists from around the world which occupies the enormous 3rd floor of the Newport Mills in Newport NH. This should be a great show worth traveling for. I myself can’t wait to see the other works installed in the space. Visit the link to “fabrications” on my blogroll and check back frequently as the website is evolving as the show comes together. The origonal installation of “InTension” was funded by the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts as well as the Brattleboro Museum. It’s great to see it on exhibit again and this time I took advantage of the great amount of space at the Mill to play with the presentation of the piece….partricularly the placement of the counterweights.

This work is made of nearly 5 miles of handcrocheted polyester rope, river stones and pulleys. The ten “counterweights” support the crocheted enclosure. Ten strands of rope that run from the top of the enclosure, each through  two pulleys to a counterweight  a distance away.

My thanks to Cynthia Reeves and her staff,  Azariah Aker, Anzell Jordon, Sara Mintz, and my assistant Matthew Sargent, for all their help. My deepest gratitude to my husband, Danny, and daughters, Leah and Sonya, who have supported me all along.


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