“Inside Out”, My new installation up through July 14th

May 31, 2013

This installation was created for the lexington Art league, a contemporary art space in Lexington Kentucky.

The work is made of rip stop nylon, dowles and custom connectors and is sited in a 20′ X 30′ X 15′ room.

"Inside Out", a site specific installation.

“Inside Out”, a site specific installation.

Many thanks to the staff and volunteers at LAL for their support of this project.

Some images of the finished piece

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Some images below of the construction process

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This installation is made from a series of tetrahedrons, ideal solids made of 4 connected triangular planes. Inspired by tent and kite construction, the tetrahedrons are made of dowels and tensile fabric panels assembled with light weight connectors. I am interested in how the repetition of a single shape, varied in its enclosure and orientation, assembled creates a crystalline landscape. The experience of this landscape changes as one moves around the piece.

I selected white fabric for the installation because I want to emphasize the shade and projected shadows in the work. The white panels also reflect the subtle color shifts that take place as the light changes over a day. The triangle and the tetrahedron are remarkably efficient and strong forms…. forms that are the basis of the visionary work of the engineer and designer Buckminster Fuller whose work influences this piece. I am interested in how one can build light forms that compact and ship efficiently and yet deploy to activate and define a space by expanding when assembled.


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