Just heard that I’ve received a residency fellowship to go to Yaddo for three weeks January 21st -Feb 10 2015.  YES!

I’ll be focusing on my drawings and prints.


September 21st- Nov 9th, 2014

Randolph Vermont

The exhibition is up from July 31- September 28 2014.
Opening reception July 31st, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Six prints from my series “Fine Cord” are on exhibit.

The ”Fine Cord” prints displayed in this show were made using a soft ground intaglio technique in which the texture of a fine nylon cord was transferred to a series of metal plates. Each print is made from multiple registrations making use of offset images and ghosting. No two prints in the series are alike yet they are each made from the same family of plates. These abstract images are also highly representational as a three dimensional material is transformed and “represented” in the creation of these two dimensional artworks.

Fine Cord 52

Fine Cord 52

I start installing two new installations and a suite of new prints on January 2nd for my upcoing solo show at the BCA Center ( formerly the Firehouse Gallery), 135 Church street, Burlington VT. See my earlier posts to view these works in progress.

” In the exhibit “Drawing Strength”, artist and architectural designer,  Alisa Dworsky, presents prints  and installations. Drawing is at the basis of all the work presented here including the installations. Dworsky intentionally selects linear materials  ( here rope and bamboo)  for her constructions, materials she manipulates to express drawing in three dimensions while defining  space and form. The artist continues her investigation into the ways that human beings interact with the landscape, particularly our compulsion to impose geometric systems on the spaces we occupy. She presents prosaic materials in unusual ways, draws inspiration from architecture and construction, and provokes the viewer to reexamine the way they see their everyday world.  Dworsky uses her art to explore the ambiguity of perception.”

Surface Tension, in process in my studio

"Surface Tension" in process in my studio

This is a small selection from an ongoing series of  prints. these impressions were  created over the summer. I use a soft ground technique to transfer the texture and shape of a fine nylon cord to the zinc plate. I create a family of intaglio metal plates  which I ink and use in various combination, reusing plates to make “Ghost images” and take advantage of offset images. Each print is made with multiple registrations. Final images are 9″ x 9″ on  19″ x 15″ paper. Each print is unique.

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These intaglio prints are made from multiple registrations of various zinc plates which I prepared using a soft ground technique. A fine nylon cord was used to make the marks in the soft ground prior to exposing each plate to acid. I created approximately 15 plates which I printed in different combinations, colors and orientations to generate a family of images, each image unique yet related to the next. Ghost images, offset marks and the rich layering of color impressions adds depth to these prints. the images are 9″ x9″ on a 19″x 15″ piece of Rives BFK paper.

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