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Just heard that I’ve received a residency fellowship to go to Yaddo for three weeks January 21st -Feb 10 2015.  YES!

I’ll be focusing on my drawings and prints.

The exhibit as opened, the installation is complete! here is an image of “Drawn Out”, 10′ X  13′ X 7′, Ribbon, Lead, Carabiners and Steel, 2013.

Three lead weights create a tensile force on the horizontally woven ribbons; this force helps to shape the main volume of the piece. The counterweights are connected to the main form by satin ribbons strung through a series of carabiners, mounted on the ceiling and the wall, that redirect the tensile force created by the lead weights.

Jeff Bergman, Associate Director  at Pace Prints curated the show “Flat/Not Flat” for which I created this work. The work of Jennifer Davies, Karen Dow, and Martha Lewis is also on exhibit here and it is all well worth seeing. Artspace has some funky hours over the holidays – Artspace is open Wednesdays & Thursday from 12-6pm, Fridays & Saturdays from 12-8pm. The gallery is free and open to the public. Artspace will be closed for Thanksgiving November 27-30th and between December 18th and January 7th.”

Drawn Out front view web

Below: “Ribbon 13″, 22″ X 22”, Graphite on Paper 2013

Ribbon 13 web

Below: More images of “Drawn Out” at different times of the day

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Curator Jeff Bergman wrote this on his blog “Atlas”.

“Alisa Dworsky built something quite remarkable with Drawn Out.  It conforms to the space without overtaking it, but makes a huge impact.  For me, the piece becomes a one quarter slice of the axis of the planet.  The architecture of our world.  Dworsky and I were able to discuss materials, spaces and methods, but nothing could have prepared me for the physical reality of the piece.  Alisa took ribbon, hardware and weights and made a space born of physics and air.  Her drawings quite literally flatten the piece using ribbon and graphite.  The erasures and the grissale line fills me with the joy that usually only Celmins and Ruscha can.”

Dworsky Flat not flat study 3 Dworsky, Flat Not flat study 4 Dworsky, Flat not flat study 2

These are some early models and full scale studies for a piece I am developing for the brattleboro Museum. Dancers will perform parts of the installation. weaving, dance , installationt study 3 Basic CMYK

This installation was created for the lexington Art league, a contemporary art space in Lexington Kentucky.

The work is made of rip stop nylon, dowles and custom connectors and is sited in a 20′ X 30′ X 15′ room.

"Inside Out", a site specific installation.

“Inside Out”, a site specific installation.

Many thanks to the staff and volunteers at LAL for their support of this project.

Some images of the finished piece

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Some images below of the construction process

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This installation is made from a series of tetrahedrons, ideal solids made of 4 connected triangular planes. Inspired by tent and kite construction, the tetrahedrons are made of dowels and tensile fabric panels assembled with light weight connectors. I am interested in how the repetition of a single shape, varied in its enclosure and orientation, assembled creates a crystalline landscape. The experience of this landscape changes as one moves around the piece.

I selected white fabric for the installation because I want to emphasize the shade and projected shadows in the work. The white panels also reflect the subtle color shifts that take place as the light changes over a day. The triangle and the tetrahedron are remarkably efficient and strong forms…. forms that are the basis of the visionary work of the engineer and designer Buckminster Fuller whose work influences this piece. I am interested in how one can build light forms that compact and ship efficiently and yet deploy to activate and define a space by expanding when assembled.

These  are process images of the installation- full size material studies and models.

Terahedron study 2

final Materials for the project are  5′ long 1/2″ diameter dowels, rip stop nylon, tubing, hardware.The final installation will be in a 20′ X 30′ room with 14′ high cielings.

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